Looking back at my old posts that I have scheduled for a repeat it seems to me that way back then the poetry I wrote was fresh and sweet. Whether because it was new to me and I could write as the words flowed or maybe because the ideas were fresh and my brain reacted to the test. In any case what I write today does not seem to flow in the same way. maybe because I write in one line instead of phrasing a few lines at a time which is what I am trying to do and why I do I haven’t a clue.

This is the way I write today
and as you can see it is no way
the same as that written above
which is the way I really love
to write my verse but the end result
is just the same and not difficult
I am torn between choosing the best
and looking to see which passes the test
as this one is much easier to rhyme
a few short lines all at one time
with the last word the important one
each one rhyming and with some
that carry over to the next phrase
until we reach the bottom of the page
and at that point we have had enough
of writing down this terrible stuff.

My apologies to all of you real poets out there.

Written 07/27/2021

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