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One of my most favorite things is to listen to Audiobooks in my car as I travel along on my way to whatever important things that are making me take the time out of my day or in my case out of the week forcing me to drive in and seek out an answer to that quest and along the way I do my best to stay one jump ahead of the crime or the fight or the dead or whatever the story is in my head.

I do not like the slow stories preferring action stories instead with good guys rescuing the girl or killing lots of zombies galore and I have no time for sloppy stuff although some of that is a fact just as long it does not lead astray and leaves the real story intact. After all man rescues girl is the oldest story of all but a good old fashioned murder and such is the story that gives me a thrill with the hero coming out on top vanquishing the bad guy to the bottom of the hill or cliff or grave or whatever he needs to be sure he completes his heroic deed.

Actually I like most anything I hear as long as it is well written and the dictation is clear as the reader tries to differentiate in his voice and inflections to make it sound right each character not sound the same and each of them has not only a name but a voice of their own different in part than the voice of the other guy or girl whose heart is about to be broken or maybe even stopped if the hero can’t stop them getting murdered or shot..

Sometimes after the story starts I find that I cannot get into the part or the story makes no sense to me or the narrator is just not up to the task. Then I return the story back and look again for a different tack and for one that really interests me and will keep me listening constantly. Some writers are so very good that they write a whole series of several books each with the hero who comes out on top and solved the crimes by doing his job and usually along the way kills all the bad guys as a way to play as he is good at what he or she does and never gets killed as this would mean the end of the series and his part in the scene.

Some narrators are also good with a voice for each character as they understand that the listeners like to hear the change or inflexes or accents different as the scene changes. Those are the ones that I like to hear making the story so much more clear making it easy to know when a man or woman is playing the part and by their voice the characters all start to come alive as the story progresses and listeners pleasure is enhanced by brushes with danger and love and good things and bad sometimes ending so very sad but usually though the good guy wins and those that have committed the sins are vanquished and sent where they need to go and everything turns out right at the last and the guy gets the girl and drives off fast into the sunset out of the strife to live happily ever after to a new life.

Only in fiction….

Written 07/31/2021

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