The reason I do not have a wife is because over the years they have given me strife and eventually they all left me for greener pastures which I hope they could see were no greener than the ones they had but I guess I must have been bad enough they couldn’t stay and so they went on their way.

The first was a childhood dream of having someone to share my life after years of bouncing from home to home and old enough to make her my wife I asked Ann to marry me and she consented gracefully and we had two wonderful baby boys and all of them filled my heart with joy. But alas it was not to be and five years later she left me for who I thought was a mate of mine and instead behind my back the two of them were having fun which caused the marriage to be undone.

The second wife was a different woman much older and married to a man who was in the service a soldier he who very quickly showed me what he could do to someone who messed around with his wife causing him so much strife. I spent two days in hospital and when I came out I did learn that Valerie the woman his wife had left him for good just as I was hoping she would and we got married just as time progressed and off to America a new life to live. We had a daughter Leslie of our own to share the life with the two girls and her son but after fifteen years passed by we parted as by mutual consent and I moved away with my work returning occasionally but never to stay.

I met Susan much younger than me and we hit it off quite handsomely and I married her to make her my wife and her family gave us strife as they thought I was way too old and if the very truth be told I probably was but I loved that girl and she loved me at least for a while until fifteen years later she said one day, I am going away and am not going to stay married to you anymore of this I am certain and very sure that I no longer love you and so I must leave and my grief was intense as I begged her to stay but she left me anyway.

After three strikes and out I decided right then that I would never ever marry again no matter what they can offer me as dealing with women is not my way as I cannot get them to stay longer than fifteen years at a time with me aging like a good bottle of wine I kept my word and to this day me and women have stayed away from anything close to matrimony.

A Bachelor for these past thirty or more years not having to endure the tears and frustrations that having a wife did bring to me and others who have no wives and who would rather single be than have the misery of feeling guilty every time there’s a fight of who is wrong and who is right and and I had to make a choice and so I gave up on having a wife.

Do I miss the comforts of love of course I do but there is a price as you have to learn how to get along and deal with each other and be strong in the face of adversity when it arises and share the problems and the love together.

I loved all of my wives with all of my heart but it was not strong enough to last which makes me sad.

Ann, my first wife married the man she left me for and they raised three daughters. She is now 83 and is living in a Nursing Home in England. We stay in touch although somewhat intermittently.
Valerie, my second wife died at the age of 85 back in England which in truth she loved and always regretted the move to the US.
Susan, my third and final wife is now 63 and remarried living out in the country somewhere in Texas. We tried to remain friends as we had a mutual interest in Soccer Refereeing but her husband was way too possessive.

Written 08/03/2021

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