Written 09/08/2021

The view from the side window.

We sat around with not much to do after having attended to the few chores that are around the place like checking the levels of the greywater tanks and at the same time making sure that the blackwater tank has room for more of what it contains I will not discuss as it can create a awful fuss if not properly attended to and the guy that does that is you know who.

With the tanks all good for a few days I went back inside to see what other ways I could change things around or at least tidy up as space is small and before very long everything is shipshape with things put away and so we are ready for another day.

I cannot imagine more than one in such a small space for it is known that even with the greatest of love a person needs room if only just for a while loving feelings are put on trial. Luckily that does not apply to me as the only real company that I have are my two little dogs who look at me with their loving eyes and in there hearts I’m the greatest guy as they try to stay out of my way as most of the time they are asleep if we’re not out walking to exercise their feet and give them time to run around and sniff the smells that other dogs leave a message not meant for me..

I spend a lot of my life writing this blog about the strife of living in an RV although I do have to say I don’t want it any other way as even though there is only me with my two little dogs for company I am a very happy man with not much to do except when I plan a move from one site to the next and read revues and check things out before committing us to make the drive making sure we will survive the trip from one place to the next to spend a few days of happiness.

I wish I had discovered this life years ago instead of the strife of ponds and fish and having a house and all of the work that was involved except that because those efforts paid off I no longer need a job and retired I can do the things that I want including this lifestyle which allows me to jaunt from place to place wherever I choose as there is only me and two dogs to amuse.

Written 09/08/2021

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