Just Kidding. It can’t get any worse…

I spent today in my usual way my thoughts were all abstracted
writing bad verse all unrehearsed and totally absent minded
the words flowed and it showed that no thought had I provided
in writing down this abstract stuff for reasons undecided
as I scribbled away it was plain to see I had nothing on my mind
and yet the poetic part of me still felt so inclined
to write something anything in a verse I could not find
hopefully worth writing about as my thoughts are not aligned
I’ll give up on this poetry stuff and instead I’ll write a story
if I could find a place to start I would be in my glory
the beginning would be a good place with all of my agility
I think I will start at the end and show off my ability
to do things backwards in a half assed way with no sensibility
and reading this you will say he has no credulity
I should end this nonsense rhyme and think of something more
there must be better things to do more words I have in store
and yet they do not flow enough to become folklore
so I will end this very bad verse and promise to write no more.

Written 09/10/2021

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