Miss Daisy and the Jeep

What is it about this RV life that makes us want to live it
in a space so very small we barely can fit in it
and yet so many people like to travel on the highway
giving up their other one because this has more leeway
the bricks and stones and nine to five are more than some can stand
and so they live the RV life like something they have planned
this life is not for everyone if you want to live and grow
maybe close quarters are not for you or if your needs do show
because this life requires that you leave behind so much
and in the space your earthly things are limited as such
and only things you really need can fill the drawers and shelves
all other stuff is left behind and only time can tell
if you made the proper choice of what to leave behind
as wishing you had brought it along is natural as mankind
likes to have a lot of stuff to help complete his day
this is the way it has always been since man has had his say
I really like this RV life as I travel around the country
stopping where I want to with maybe some activity
or a peaceful site with trees and trails and maybe wildlife too
and even a lake or just a pond to add to the view
and after all is said and done what does it really answer
it’s a place to sleep and eat and drink and shelter from the weather
and spend our time with a life sublime doing something that is ageless
as we travel the road enjoying our time no worries to deter us.

Written 10/08/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com