My RV, a 2021 Coachmen Leprechaun and my 2017 Jeep Cherokee parked at Texana Lake RV Park

Texana Lake is a huge lake built to supply water for the sake of the residents living around in all of the small and local towns whose people have a water need and damning the river it was perceived a lake would evolve that would provide a supply one that would never run dry.

Not only did it provide the precious liquid on which life depends but it also supplied other things one of which and to this end was the building of Texana Park where campers arrive to spend their time enjoying living in an RV or maybe those who are more inclined to get closer to nature and spend their time in a tent sleeping close to the ground with nothing but canvas all around to shelter them from the sun and the cold but these are the ones who are brave and bold.

The RV dwellers do not live it rough instead they have all of the stuff that they usually have at home electricity water and even a phone to keep them in touch with the outside world so that their life does not get unfurled from the normal living they have had from the start even though they are now at a park.

Why do people choose this life which for most is just respite from everyday living and to get away to relax with nature and to play out in the woods just like as a child when growing up let us run wild with never a care or worry to depress and were all happy in our youthfulness.

Others live this life full time and for them it is a choice that they made preferring a life on the road with maybe a partner to share the load of driving and camping and all that goes along with living an RV life travelling the road to see the sights and staying in campgrounds for the night.

This is not a life for everyone to live if a permanent residence you desire or a larger space in which to grow or a bigger place for your daily attire as an RV even the largest of which is very small compared to a house and there is no room for luxurious things and everything you own must have a need as it takes up space of which little indeed can be wasted on trivial things as it must have a use in order to stay otherwise it just gets in the way.

I really like this RV life but then again I haven’t a wife who maybe would disagree about living in an RV although I do have to say that I have two dogs who run and play every time we go out for a walk and they like to live this life which is probably why I haven’t a wife.

I will live this life until I’m too old to drive around or until I am told that you no longer on your own can be and then I suppose I will have see about living in an old folks home where at least I will not be alone but there will always be a part of me wishing I was still living in my RV.

Here’s to the RV life.

Written 09/25/2021
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