A panoramic view of Lake Texana.

The world is really such a beautiful place even though the human race is doing it’s best to make things worse and destroy this Planet from the Universe. But without the help of man Nature has it’s very own plan to combat the problems that man provides in his quest for life as he tries to destroy the planet that he calls home because he believes that he alone rules the Universe.
Man in his stupidity does not have the ability to think beyond the current time and for the future does decline the knowledge that he is killing his home because he believes that he alone rules the world and he decides who it is that lives or dies. All of this for power and money a short term goal for in the end there will be no one to pretend they are king of the world as the only ones left will be those like them as for the rest will have disappeared lost in the struggle for life.
The decline of the Dinosaurs will return only this time Man will be the goal and because he did not heed the signs will be the one to go into the hole created by the this worlds end just like before when the Dinosaurs disappeared from our shore.
Mankind is a stupid race, too full of it’s own self importance and too arrogant to acknowledge there are greater things in the Universe.

Written 09/28/2021 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com