Sandy and Mikey, my two best buddies.

Today is Sunday the first day of the week although most of us like to think that Monday is when things really begin probably because our work days are akin to starting off the week to continue through for at least five more days and for some maybe more work on Saturday to add to the score.
The average man will spend his time working so that his family and himself will not go wanting and buy the things that he thinks he needs and he and his family will have a good life as he cares for his kids and his wife.
That is the way life is supposed to go but as we all very well know that life does not always go this way and on any given day something will happen to change all of this and instead of married bliss and kisses and love and all things nice life will have us make sacrifice.
We steal a day off and call in sick for the extra time with kids and the wife as life is way too darn short to spend it all working with no time to resort to fun and games and being together enjoying the outside and out in the weather soaking up the sun and living a life just you and the kids and your loving wife. For many people a five day week of work and toil is what we seek so we can spend the other two doing what we like to do
In my long life I had many jobs each one a progression of the last so that with each passing day would show an increase in my pay and by the time that I retired at sixty seven I thought I had died and gone to heaven as no longer did I have to drive and do a job from nine to five.
Instead my time is now my own to do with as I please and it should be known that I spend it living in my RV and touring around this great country the work I do is now for me and for keeping my RV clean and in good shape as we travel the country from State to State.
Long gone are the nine to fives and the five day week that took my time and instead now there are twenty four hours to do as I wish enjoying the flowers and walking the trails along with my pets my constant companions and my best friends yet.
Hopefully we’ll spend our time together to live out our lives whatever the weather and when Nature decides it is our time we’ll cross that Rainbow Bridge in line not Sandy in front and then Mikey and I but instead together walking side by side.
I can only hope.

Written 10/10/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com