In my case, think nothing

I had to write a poem today to post on a Wednesday just because I have to say what it on my mind.
normally I have a lot to say which I speak in a way that others I hope may think is fine
today my brain was not working well and my thought’s would not jell into any form of rhyme
so I took the easy way out and wrote a short verse all about how I could not get my brain aligned
I gave up on writing the verse and instead I rehearsed what I should write about instead
nothing would come to me so I gave up in misery and looked at the dogs who looked at me and gave the go ahead
so out we went walking instead around the park with Sandy ahead dragging along Mikey and me behind
which is the usual way we walk no matter how much I talk to her about staying with us in line
just a short walk around the park as it was starting to get dark and inside we quickly had to flee
so I will end this silly verse which was totally unrehearsed and think I will make a cup of tea.
After all I was born British and my brain is going bonkers…

Written 10/11/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com