Miss Daisy and the Jeep

I sat here looking at an empty screen
thinking that it is my dream
to write that book about my life
with all of the troubles and some of the strife
and the loving moments that filled the space
those worth remembering so full of grace
the wives I had each one so fine
that could not stand the test of time
as on their way they did go
leaving me alone and so
I lived the life of a single man
even though I had not planned
for it to ever be this way
but alas I had no say
in the final outcome I lost that race
and had to move on to a different place
America did beckon to me
and so with one of my families
I made the journey across the sea
for a new life both to them and me
and there we spent the rest of our life
and by then I had no wife
so I live out my life as a single man
with two little dogs in a Caravan
or better yet as it is known
as an RV which is now my home
I named her Miss Daisy and we travel the road
me and two little dogs who share the load
although they don’t drive or do the chores
they are my companions who needs more
they will not let me out of their sight
and try very hard with all of their might
to go where I go and do all of the stuff
so that living in Miss Daisy is not tough
except when I have to go to the store
and I leave them standing at the door
with soulful faces and downcast eyes
and I feel do guilty I almost cry
but they are so happy when I return
and all is forgiven as they have learned
that I have to leave but I always come back
to take them for walkies around the park
last thing of the day before it gets dark
and tomorrow we’ll do it over again
hopefully on until the end
whenever whatever that may be
we are making our history
living this life the one we have chose
when it will end goodness only knows
but until then we will live this life
me and two little dogs living it right.

Written 10/14/2021 – Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com