Sunday 11/07/2021

A beautiful picture

As I walk around this park looking at the RV’s that here abide
I think about each one of them and those that spend their lives inside
I wonder what stories they have to tell that makes them want to live this way
and if other choices were given them would they choose this life to stay
for living in an RV is different than a home
the walls are thin each sound vibrates and the tenants are never alone
there are chores to do not every day but often enough to keep it clean
and if they are not attended to the end results are quickly seen
the space is small and very tight with no room to spare for wasteful things
and even the smallest luxury must have it’s share of helping
everything must have its place so it can be found in times of need
and the people living there must be agreeable indeed
for living in a space so small can soon get on each others nerves
with no room to get away can quickly test the others reserves
on the other hand it’s a wonderful life if you choose to live this way
travelling from place to place never in one place to stay
for whatever time you choose before moving to a different place
except for the driving along the world moves at a slower pace
everyone thinks you get to see the country as you drive
but that is not really true as the miles whiz on by
and usually your in a hurry to get from one place to the next
trying hard to reach your goal and no time for a rest
to reach the campground and set up camp before the dark of night
and settle in and take a rest and then turn out the light
to wait for another day new places to explore
and then do it all over again just like we did before.

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