Written 11/03/2021

Today is a rainy day and we knew it was coming our way
as the weather map showed the clouds rolling in
and even the time that the rain would begin
and true to form just as they forecast
the skies opened up an almighty blast
as the rain poured down and fell all around
and just as before soaking the ground.
today is a dismal day
as Nature in her usual way
is watering her plants and trees and ground
and spreading the rain all around
so that things will grow and flourish and be green
the most wonderful color we have ever seen
for when things turn brown as in the Fall
that is the sign of the end of it all
and summer has gone and winter is here
along with grey skies but be of good cheer
as Spring will follow in the usual way
and bring with it new growth and another new day.

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