Me at 21.

When I was a younger man nothing was an impossible dream
for I was fit and I was strong and with a brain so very keen
I really worked upon my strength running far and lifting weights
and my body rewarded me letting me reach attainable heights
playing sports and good at some but always willing to give it a try
and if my skills were not enough I always knew the reason why
football played with the feet was a sport that I could not be beat
as very good at it was I and that is the reason why
I played until I was seventy two and in the end with a sigh
I had to stop as the knees gave way
and I could no more run, jump and play
I worked out in the gym as long as I could
and then my interest which had withstood
the test of time over all of those years
and at the age of eighty two resulted in my worst fears
as I gave up working out at the gym
and the end result is that my body so trim
began to lose all the muscular shape
and in its place fat started to take
over where the muscles had been
and I was no longer that beautiful man
who could run and jump and had a plan
and at the age of eighty five
although I am glad to be alive
my mind goes back to those days
and all of the wonderful games that I played
when I could run and skip and jump
instead now I am just a lump
of worn out flesh and bones that still tries
and likes living this life even though I survive
with nothing but thoughts of those wonderful days
when I ran and jumped and made all those plays
as now I am content to walk the trails
just me and my dogs whose love prevails
and keeps me going for one more day
trying to stay fit and as healthy this way
and we will walk as long as I am able
for the love of my dogs if only a ramble
for just a short walk to help keep us fit
just as long as we can until I admit
that my time has come and can do this no more
and the man I once was whose body is too sore
too old, too weak whose muscles galore
are gone with the man now at deaths door
and when that time comes my race will be run
I think back of my life and all of the fun
of running and jumping and kicking that ball
for hundreds of times against that wall
honing my skills to make me the best
now it is time to enjoy a long rest.

Written 11/18/2021
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