A Pano of Lake Livingstone

11/25/2021 – Thanksgiving Day

I tried to write a poem today
but I could not get the words to say
the things I wanted to tell the world
just to let my thoughts unfurl
things were all jumbled and nothing would rhyme
although I tried a number of times
and had several different attempts
but alas in the end I had to lament
the fact that my brain’s not a poet today
and I tried to write some other way
a story maybe but what about
no thoughts of anything not even a shout
for my favorite football teams
or life at this park living my dream
no cares or troubles coming my way
at least that I know of and have a say
in what to do or where to go next
or let life get me down why should I be vexed
if I don’t like this particular spot
then it’s on to the next with a skip and a hop
no cares in the world or none that I know
living this life so peaceful and slow
at my own pace to set my own speed
controlled only by my needs
for a change of scenery or to meet new friends
who knows what is around the bend
except on the days that are dull and dark
and then we are glad to be in a park
not travelling the roads and not having to race
feeling safe and secure and in one place.

Written 11/25/2021 – Check out my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com