Saturday 12/18/2021

C’mon Dad, let’s go…

We went out for a walk as we usually do
me and the dogs of whom there are two
around the campground then out on the lane
that borders the park walking the same
old speed for Sandy will not let us amble
rushing along as fast as she is able
nose to the ground taking in the smells
what is so interesting only she can tell
which other dogs have passed this way
dragging their humans along as if to say
come on man why are you slow
daylight is burning as if you don’t know
and we will be walking in the dark
enough already of this slowpoke lark
I have no idea if that’s what they say
as we rush along no time to play
for what goes through any dogs mind
is totally unknown to the human kind
we don’t love them to talk to us
it’s because they make such a fuss
and look at us with their big brown eyes
showing the love they do not disguise
there is no better love than that of a dog
they ask for nothing except to jog
our memories just like before
on with their collars and out the door
walking the trails along with their Dad
the finest pleasure that a Man ever had.

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