01/20/2020 – My 86th Birthday

86 years old today.

I cannot believe that I am this old 
for if the truth be told 
I do not feel my age today 
even though can’t run or play 
football like I used to do 
as my body has not a clue 
on how to run and jump and kick 
the ball just in case I trip 
preferring to keep my feet on the ground 
better safe than sorry is what I have found 
as balance is something that goes with age 
like the body is turning a whole new page 
to remind us that with the passing years 
our body grows weak and our greatest fears 
are the mind stays strong and not fail us today 
remembering the thoughts, we need to say 
in order to function in a normal life 
managing ourselves with little strife 
now when I try to remember a date 
or a name or a place or even what I ate 
I have to think so very hard 
and not get discouraged and my efforts discard 
as losing memory comes with old age 
and in life’s book just another page 
along our journey that starts when we’re born 
and continues through life when we are torn 
between good things and bad suffering and pain 
and yet we would do it all over again 
for life is sweet and comes only once 
before we all turn into dust 
I am eighty-six years old today 
and if I could have my say 
I would try to live just as long 
if I could keep my body strong 
and my mind stay functional all of the time 
for what use is a body if the mind declines 
on the other hand, when my time draws nigh 
and I know that I’m going to die 
let it be in a peaceful sleep 
dig a hole and bury me deep 
under a tree somewhere quiet and green 
out in the country where I can’t be seen 
and no one will know that I am there 
for I will no longer care 
having led my life to my very best 
not knowing if I passed the test 
happy instead for my time 
living my life so sublime.
Written for my 86th Birthday- January 20, 2022