Yet another year has gone
as our lives keep moving on
towards that final day on earth
in the hope of a rebirth
something new and a different way
and I hope that I have my say
as given the choice that I want to be
and if I can’t come back as me
then maybe a dog would be my choice
as I can think of nothing as nice
as belonging to a family
whose love of dogs is legendry
treating each one as a family pet
replacing the last but not forgetting
the life that each and every one lived
especially those we had as kids
that ran and jumped and played our way
just living for the day
when we could go out and have fun
me and my dog playing as one
if a dog should have a fault
it is because their lives are so short
but in that time the love it gives
to the family with whom it lives
it’s life just for the day
when outside it can go out and play
catching a ball and playing chase
running fast to win the race
happy to belong to a family
not just a dog as the world can see
but a special member with four little legs
and a cold wet nose and a heart that begs
for attention and time to be one of us
a part of the family who gets all of the fuss
and if there is nothing better than a dog
then two or three will help lift the fog
of knowing what it is to love
something different a true gift from above.

Written 12/31/2021