Two thousand and twenty two is here
marking the start of another new year
who knows what this one will bring
probably a bit of everything
and just like the others that passed before
unknown to us is what lies in store
I’m not sure if I want to know
or whether it might soften the blow
if bad things are coming would I be prepared
or being ignorant would I be less scared
but the truth of the matter really is
that we won’t know and ignorance is bliss
we have no control of the future of our life
the chances we take or any of the strife
from others the weather or whatever life brings
we take in our stride hope eternal springs
whatever comes and whatever we face
we are the people of the human race
and challenges we deal with day by day
going through life and having our say
and the only thing that we cannot change
is the lenth of our lifespan which is all prearranged
and when we have reached the end of our time
others will come to continue the line
and the years will pass as they always do
with or without us as life starts anew.

Written 01/08/2022