The old way to travel. You didn’t need a license for one of those.

At long last the time had come
six years after it had begun
to make the trip a distance far
in my trusty little car
forty miles to a place well known
a place my friend has her home
Bastrop is the name of the town
and in that place can be found
a DPS office where I could renew
my driver’s license and some could argue
that at the age of eighty-five
why on earth would I want to drive
and the simple truth that I live alone
dependent on no one as I have shown
for the past thirty-six years
not by choice and with many tears
my only company in all of that time
were the pets who I could always find
close by when I needed a friend
keeping me company to their end
giving me love and raising me up
if they felt I was down in the dumps
so, I made the trip and made good time
arriving there just to find
a small wait and fill out a form
answer questions that I had to brainstorm
take a picture and fingerprints too
acting dumb like I haven’t a clue
and before very long I was on my way
with a new license with which I could play
at living my life as I want it to be
travelling the highways in my RV.

Written 01/19/2021 – Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com