An Armadillos life is simple enough

I got to thinking about the world
and the way our lives unfurl
as we live from day to day
usually in the same old way
with habits long established ways
as we spend each passing day
doing what we did before
hoping for just a little more
of the things that please us the most
for in our brain, we are the host
of all the things that happen each day
and each in its very own way
either pleases us in our wildest dreams
or into darkness plunges where it seems
that there is no way out
then with an almighty shout
we rise again on top of the world
with trumpets sounding and flags unfurled
ready to face another day
even if it’s the same old way
for life for us doesn’t change a lot
which is good for us less we forgot
that our time here is not very long
we need to enjoy it with a smile and a song
and live each day to our very best
hoping that we pass the test
although in the end it is my belief
that the spiritual end that we seek
will return us to Nature where we began
to be a part of her promised land.

Written 01/23/2022 – Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com