Written 01/24/2022

Miss Daisy and the Jeep.

What shall I do today
either in the form of play
or work around my RV
which goes by the name of Miss Daisy
several things come to mind
mostly of the playful kind
for I really do not want to go
outside in the wet and snow
instead, indoors prefer to be
warm and cozy in my RV
my two little dogs snoozing sound
no worries or fears for them around
they are as safe as they can be
keeping our company in Miss Daisy
we really have nothing planned today
take a walk where they can play
outside on the trails or in the lane
where we walk the paths always the same
as other dogs who walked before
taking their humans to explore
the smells and sights that Nature brings
when only the nose of a dog finds things
interesting to them enough to smell
causing them to pause and dwell
in one place longer than the rest
until it passes their final test
and on to the next making progress slow
as only the dogs really know
just who or what created the smell
which made them stop feeling compelled
before moving on along the lane
dragging me with them our paths the same
returning back home to Miss Daisy
cozy and warm inside the RV
looking out at the mist and the rain
knowing our life is not the same
as it ever was before
no idea what lies in store
just as we live this RV life
only knowing it has little strife
and me and dogs are having fun
in this phase of our life that has just begun.

Written 01/24/2022 – Check out my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com