I wonder where the time goes everyday 
for it is flying by as if to say 
you need to do the things you want to do 
for tomorrow is only a few hours away 
time waits for no one as the saying goes 
there is no way to stop the clock which shows 
as we rush through this life no time to spare 
and we can’t slow it down even though we care 
each day that comes is quickly gone away 
twenty-four hours is the length of every day 
and when we were all so very young 
each took forever to pass and then some 
now much older time flies on by 
and all that we can do is try 
to make each day last as long as we can 
before we head off to that promised land 
or maybe to that other place 
for those whose lives have been a disgrace 
not lived according to the word 
from our parents and others whose wisdom was assured 
now I am old for me time rushes by 
each day much shorter although I try 
to fit in as much as my old body allows 
each hour becomes two no matter how 
I try to make each one last longer still 
instead, they fly on by and I have not the will 
to change my ways and get up earlier 
not wasting the hours but getting lazier 
sleeping away my thoughts chasing the truth 
as I dream away reliving the days of my youth 
what time is it did I sleep late again 
I need to change my lazy ways dear friend 
and not waste my life sleeping it away 
as tomorrow is a brand-new day 
who am I kidding I am too old to change 
and sleeping late I purposely arranged 
I have no reason to rise at the crack of dawn 
I have lived my life and working chores performed 
now I am old and have no need to work 
and any chores I have I quickly shirk 
and put them off to do another day 
as we grow old such is our lazy way 
the only thing that I really care 
whatever the time tomorrow I will be there 
ready to face yet another day 
living it in the same old way. 

Written 02/05/2022 Read the poems in my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com