Gone are the Days

Gone are the days of long ago 
when life was simple and oh so slow 
and we ran and jumped when we were kid
not a care in the world just endless bliss 
climbing trees and miles of walks 
out in the country as Nature talks 
telling us to go this way 
here is a better place to play 
down by the stream to catch a fish 
and putting it back deaths not our wish 
as life is precious in every way 
and we did not eat that fish today 
spending all day out in the woods 
amusing ourselves as kids should 
life was simple without many cares 
no TV or cell phone just us and fresh air 
coming home tired at the end of the day 
to parents who asked if we enjoyed our play 
knowing we were out in the woods 
playing our games just as kids should 
not stuck indoors unless it had rained 
although to us kids it was all the same 
I feel sorry for the modern-day kid 
not knowing the joys that we all did 
as we played our games without a care 
and for each other we would always be there 
long gone are those days never to return 
for life has changed those years we have burned 
the world is different and now it’s not safe 
for kids in the woods or down by the lake 
no longer climb trees and nature in place 
instead, stuck at home with a screen in their face 
and where they go so does that phone 
as people walk, they are never alone  
they are so glued to that bloody screen 
that life passes by to them unseen. 
the modern kids of today 
know not the joys as we did in play 
but life was so much simpler then 
and I feel sorry for you my friend 
raised in a world with a phone in your face 
the beginning of the end of the human race 
for Nature’s world will pass you by 
and will die before your very eyes 
and you will see it on your phone 
and realize you are alone. 
no birds or animals’ grass or trees 
all gone all extinct just to please 
those of you of the human race 
that needed that phone stuck in your face. 
for the phone has replaced the wonders around 
all of which can only be found 
by looking up and glancing about 
and thinking then there is no doubt 
that the wonders of Nature can only be seen 
by eyes no longer on that screen. 

Written 02/06/2022 Read the poems in my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com