Mr. George, the new RV

A Different RV 

I just bought a new RV 
at least it is new to me. 
not new off the production line 
but it will suit me just fine 
five thousand miles it has on the clock 
which is barely enough to make it rock 
and just one other previous owner 
who looked after it like a lover 
Miss Daisy was my previous ride 
and had very little room inside 
no space around the kitchen sink 
hardly enough for me to blink 
and even though our time was short 
she served me more than just transport 
and it was with heavy heart 
the two of us decided to part 
and now I have a used Class A 
very much bigger in every way 
with much more room for us to roam 
and a kitchen area just like home 
this one we have named Mr. George 
a masculine name unlike before 
for this RV has a manly touch 
unlike Miss Daisy who we liked so much 
I have spent the last few days 
arranging things just the way 
I want them to be in Mr. George 
like in the RV’s before 
although the truth can be told 
my storing skills are not so bold 
although I know what it is I need 
finding it is hard indeed 
as I haven’t a clue where it may be 
and locating it is a mystery 
it really doesn’t matter though 
for I will search both high and low 
until I find what it is I need 
when I do relief indeed 
not everything is stored away 
and will not see the light of day 
just the stuff that never gets used 
why I keep it I haven’t a clue 
memories of a previous life 
maybe when I had a wife 
or two or three take you pick 
living with me they could not stick 
and so, to this life that I have chose 
driving around on the open road 
and now I have a new RV 
well at least it is new to me. 
Written 02/23/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com