I sat and watched the people in the park 
at least those few that I could see 
every one of them leaving their mark 
especially those visible to me 
almost all are aging in years 
living their lives that pleases them 
gone are all their youthful fears 
to make that dollar that they spend 
financially secure to enjoy this life 
no worries on how to pay the bills 
retired from work and all its strife 
family grown with the pride it instills 
that is what I imagine is their life 
as we have only met to say hello 
maybe with a wave and a smile 
but some things are very apropos 
the camping life makes it all worthwhile 
and we all have a very mutual bond 
old, retired and living with a smile 
every day and singing the same song 
if I have but one regret 
it is finding the camping life so late 
I missed a lot of time and so 
it has turned out to be my fate 
as I live the life the nomads do 
happy that life can be so great. 
Written 01/07/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com