The beauty of Nature

I love to write especially in verse 
although some of my stuff cannot get worse 
a bunch of drivel and words do not rhyme 
wondering why I waste my time 
on writing stuff that no one will read 
just to satisfy my need 
to write the words all bottled up inside 
to get them down in some sort of rhyme 
not caring if anyone reads the stuff 
just writing it down for me is enough 
and so dear reader you have taken the time 
to read these words that do make a rhyme 
although the meanings do not make much sense 
all jumbled together in the wrong tense 
in order to get the rhythm that I need 
the words must rhyme for me to proceed 
and having done that one more time 
it is time to end this silly rhyme. 


Written 04/07/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com