The Highway Above us.

I drove into town today and stopped at Starbucks along the way 
a latte I had the urge to drink kidding myself it helps me to think 
that is just not really true as in fact like the taste 
although with what it costs to me it really is an expensive waste 
knowing this did not deter as I bought one anyway 
sipping my drink in a pleasurable way as I drove along the road today 
I stopped at the grocery shop a place I have been many times before 
with a list of things, I needed to buy which I always get at this store 
I walked around in a measured way looking at the items that were on sale 
do I need this, or do I need that and all of these things to no avail? 
I stuck to the list that I had carefully made ignoring the others I could see 
not allowing myself to be phased by all of the goodies in front of me 
I checked out and paid my bill and walked back to my car 
loaded the groceries in the back and drove back home not very far 
to two little dogs who greeted me and helped to put the groceries away 
knowing that when we were through, we would all go out to play 
walking the park as we usually do checking the smells as we walk along 
saying hello to people we meet or barking at dogs for way too long 
doing what we usually do every time we go out for a walk 
returning back to our RV after walking around the block. 

Written 04/13/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com