Raking the lawn

I watched my neighbor working hard raking dirt to plant some seed
when I stopped to ask her why she said that she had the need
instead of dirt she wanted grass to grow there beneath the trees
although I have my doubts that she will succeed
for grass does not grow very well without a lot of sun
and underneath those shady trees there is probably none
but anything that does grow is better than before
and with lots of loving care her wishes she restore
at least if the grass does grow caretaking she won’t do
as Danel with his mower is the cutting crew
there are lots of barren spots that could use her skills
and I’m sure the Management will bare her no ill will
for using water from my hose to make the grass grow green
to make her site the prettiest spot the park has ever seen.

Written 04/15/2022 – Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com