Grey Skies at Lake Bastrop

Yesterday was cold and grey
and today it still has not gone away
the sun is hidden behind the clouds
dull and gloomy and covered in shroud
we could really use the rain
as without it, things don’t grow the same
and turn to brown instead of green
not the prettiest color seen
Spring has arrived and in full bloom
and we all know that very soon
here in Texas, it gets really hot
making us all sweat a lot
and the plants and the flowers turn brown and die
and we all know the reason why
it’s because we did not get the rain
without which life cannot sustain nor the color to maintain
when I lived in England it rained all the time
and seeing the sun was indeed sublime
and very appreciated for it was rare
although living there we did not care
as we knew no other way to survive
as rain for us was a way of life
in Texas the sun shines all the time
which in the Spring is very sublime
but in the Summer it get very hot
and the temperatures know not when to stop
and 100 degrees for days on end
make an air conditioner your very best friend
although in truth it has to be said
that Texans always cover their heads
and when someone remarks it is hot today
A Texan replies, It’s the Texas way.

Written 04/24/20- Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com