Sitting and Watching

I sat and watched the world go by 
fascinated by what I saw 
as campers walked around the park  
or drove slowly which is the law 
all with things on their mind 
that only they could be aware 
some had maybe a dog or two 
taking them out their time to share 
for exercise that they both accrue 
is better spent with much less care 
when walking out with your best friend 
spending time just anywhere 
others who were by themselves 
were deep in thought as they passed by 
with problems that required their time 
which only they can reason why 
sometimes a truck or car would pass 
on their way to who knows where 
maybe going into town 
to visit friend’s or have business there 
I can only sit and watch 
and guess at what their lives may be 
I only know I am content 
watching them is amusing to me 
Human Nature is a funny old thing 
of the billions of people in the world 
we all have a different song to sing 
and we only have our lives to unfurl 
it matters not what others may do 
as we lead our separate lives 
we cannot walk in another’s shoes 
only in our own to survive. 
Written 04/29/2022. Read my other poems at