Rain…Unknown Artist


We had a heavy storm last night 
with thunder loud and lightning bright 
one flash of lightning was so close 
that I was sure we were the host 
but the storm it is true to say 
was at least fifty miles away 
although the thunder sounded near 
and shook the RV to as though in fear 
as the pressure waves hit his side 
and we all thought we were going to fly 
probably that’s what I thought 
but the dogs they really cared not 
as they were sitting on my lap 
safe and sound as my arms did wrap  
around each one to hold them tight 
even through the very bright light 
when the storm passed by and the wind slowed 
and I thought to myself that it goes to show 
that Man with all his smarts and his brains 
as Nature goes, he shows no gains 
as she still does her thing 
and we cower as her voices sing 
as she puts on her wonderful display 
having everything her own way 
it turns out she was not done 
as a day later she had more fun 
in rolled the clouds dark and grey 
and she spoke to us in her own way 
and opened up the skies so dark 
and without warning the whole of the park 
was drenched in a downpour so very severe 
as water covered the ground and anything near 
including me and the dogs who are my life 
and protect them I do from any strife 
as we rushed to find shelter back to our home 
totally soaked but not alone 
as others were caught out just the same 
not caring just glad to see the rain. 
Written 05/05/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com