Mikey and Sandy, waiting go. ‘Cmon dad”

When I wander around the park
walking the dogs as I usually do
we sometimes walk out in the dark
but then there is nothing much to view
for half the fun in walking the dogs
is observing things going on around
as others go about their lives
each with a purpose so profound
most campers are the friendly kind
with a nod and a smile as they say hello
some even make the time
to talk a while before they go
about what it is that interests them
others pet the dogs for show
in the hope of making friends
waving goodbye as they go
we all move on to do our thing
for us to stroll around the park
listening to the birds that sing
walking until it turns dark
then back inside for the night
food all around and wine for me
the dogs sleep as is their right
while I sit and watch TV
and this we do most everyday
as we like to walk around the park
listening to what others say
as the day is turning dark
and tomorrow we will do it again
just the same as we usually do
for our routines never change
as those for us are very few
we do the same with little fuss
as learning new is not for us
creatures of habit are we three
Mikey and Sandy and me.

Written 05/09/2022 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com