Quatro, our 2017 Jayco Precept RV

Living in our RV
and travelling when we see 
that it is time that we moved on 
new roads to drive to sing our song 
as we have no place in mind 
wandering around following the signs 
that the map shows us the way 
as we drive from day to day 
staying at an RV Park 
one that I had already landmarked 
to be our stop along the way 
as we decide how long to stay 
driving an RV is not really fun 
no time to sightsee as we run 
along the highway as fast as we can 
to stay with the route that we have planned 
and get to the campground of our choice 
to arrive on time so we can rejoice 
in the fact that we made it safe and sound 
to rest for a while before we rebound 
and pack up and move all over again 
driving the highways as fast as we can  
until the next campground draws nigh 
and we rest and relax as time passes by 
and then in a week we will do it again 
as we travel the roads like circus showmen. 
Written June 16, 2022, Read my other poems in https://pondblog2011.com