The Park

We are at a new campsite 
a very small one that delights  
the people that are living here 
who greet me with good cheer 
and make me feel that I belong 
even though we won’t stay long 
when we meet they say hello 
and ask how did my day go 
spend time to chat as I pass by 
walking the dogs as we try 
to get some exercise each day 
and walking is the only way 
as it is way too hot 
to think of hikes or even shop 
so we limit our time the sun to evade 
always walking the park in the shade 
of the very few trees that grow here 
and in the dog run with shadows so dear 
until they decide they have had enough 
of being outside in this sunny stuff 
and back inside of our RV 
we rest and relax in our own company 
glad that we spent some time outside 
but happy to be cool where we reside. 

Written June 16, 2022, Read my other poems in