My Way of Life

Thinking about life and how it has changed with the passing of time 
over which we have no control and must hope that things work out fine 
when they do life is good as we go along our way 
but when things go bad our whole lives change even if for only a day 
life’s ups and downs are a part of daily life and what we know 
how we react and what we do is how our characters show 
because of our different complexities and how we live this life 
there is no way throughout the day there will not be strife 
it may not be very big and is easily repaired 
just an aggravation maybe with others shared 
for as we go along this road towards an uncertain end 
the only things that are for sure that we really need our friends 
to help us in our times of need when we are under stress 
someone to listen a shoulder to cry on they are the very best 
and if we choose to go through life living on our own 
that does not mean we have no friends, and we are alone 
it just says about our lives we prefer our privacy 
for some of us find it hard to live in close proximity 
and choose to live a solo life not sharing it with others 
except the friends that still are there who know our characters 
I am certainly one of those and what few friends remain 
know that I appreciate the fact they are the same 
and grateful to them I will always be for understanding me 
as I did not choose this way of life rather it chose me. 
Written 06/24/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com