Written on Independence Day 
the day that Americans celebrate and play 
I thought about this as we walked the park 
and of those times when life was dark 
little did that Congress know 
what course of events that would flow 
that mighty decision they did make 
and the risks that they did take 
in order to be the land of the free 
and to become the greatest country 
the most powerful Nation in the World 
everywhere the flag is unfurled 
history has many tales  
of countries who did prevail 
and become the strongest in the world 
everywhere their flag unfurled 
History does also show 
that those kingdoms of so long ago 
did not last the pace of time 
and their power did decline 
to be replaced by a stronger foe 
one whose knowledge had already grown 
and so, history carries on 
and how soon before they are gone 
and will that apply to the USA 
or is it a country here to stay 
who knows which way the pendulum swings 
and who will be the very next king 
it is only a question of time 
before this country starts to decline 
except this time our conquerors will wait 
for our own people to dissipate 
as we fight and squabble among ourselves 
in the struggle to control with no safety valve 
and many citizens carry guns 
with freedom to defend their own actions 
because the Constitution clearly states 
Freedom to bear arms for safety’s sake 
and when our own internal strife 
has taken over our very lives 
that is when the next of our foes 
will take over this country as it knows 
that our internal mistrust and unrest 
will do the job maybe for the best 
as in this ever-changing world 
nothing is the same and our flag will be furled 
no longer the great US of A 
but a part of history as we had our day 
it will probably take several more years 
and in the end our own worst fears 
because in our Nation so big and so strong 
its own people could not get along  
and it will not need an outside force 
its own people will change the course 
thank goodness I will be long gone 
and it will be for others to carry on. 

Written 07/04/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com