The stay is over at another park 
and tomorrow we will be moving on 
one hundred miles up the road 
in Quatro pulling another load 
I have enjoyed our stay here 
doing all the things I like 
most of the time just sitting around 
writing words on paper so profound 
this is the story of our life  
me and my two little dogs 
stay in one place not very long 
before deciding to move on 
this time another State we find 
moving into Branson Missouri 
and we plan to stay two more weeks 
before moving on new places to seek 
we have a very wandering life 
going here and there as we please 
with no fixed direction to plan the way 
other than finding the next place to stay 
someone asked do I like this life 
and in truth I had to say 
I wish I had found it long ago 
for my life is a cameo 
different from what it used to be 
when I was working nine to five 
now retired and only us three 
we have found our destiny. 

Written 07/24/2022. Read my other poems at