The innocence of a new born

Most people are the very best  
when it comes helping out 
and will do as much as they can 
to help with one another’s plan 
that we have set our goals in life 
different from the guy next door 
who works his job from nine to five 
coming home his body sore 
and even though he wants to rest 
drink a beer and sit a while 
he will get up and lend a hand 
which is not what he had planned 
you never know when you need the help 
as things do not announce themselves 
something happens and before you know 
you become part of the show 
we help because life is a chance 
when you are on the receiving end 
and then you will ask the guy next door 
hoping that he is still your friend 
true to form he gets out of his chair 
leaving his beer still getting warm 
and he lends a hand where it needs 
and does not take thanks as he proceeds 
for that is what friends and neighbors do 
in times of need they rally around 
for they know there may be a day 
when they ask for help in their own way 
and those neighbors who he helped out 
will rally round as quick as they can 
for neighbourly love is a bond so strong 
that everybody sings the same song. 

Written 07/24/2022. Read my other poems at