Thoughts About my Two Little Dogs.

Mikey and Sandy, straining at the leash.

I thought about the past few days 
and of our life as we travel around 
me and my two little dogs 
whose company I find so profound 
they cannot drive or do the chores 
and are no help from day to day 
they cannot even fix their food 
relying on me in every way 
and yet they are so dear to me 
important in so many ways 
ready and eager for me to say 
it is time for walkies in the Sun’s rays 
they give me love and attention too 
and are the only company I know 
and if only they could talk 
it would be easier for them to show 
just how much we are a team 
me and my two little friends 
as we travel around in our RV 
driving around until the end. 

Written 08/10/2022. Read my other poems at