A cloudy day

 It was one of those cloudy days 
when outlooks changes in many ways 
different because of the gloomy sky 
and we know the reason why 
humans thrive when the sun shines 
the warmth and the light that it supplies 
without which nothing would grow 
none of the plants that Nature does sow 
including the food that humans must eat 
to stay alive which is no mean feat 
cheerful and smiling in the suns light 
and play and have fun until it is night 
instead of the gloom that the clouds bring 
although when it rains it’s a good thing 
without which none of the plants would grow 
no reason for the farmers to sow 
as they rely on Natures timetable 
to rain whenever she is able 
so that the crops will grow strong 
and it will not be long 
before they are turned into food that we eat 
all because of Nature’s feat 
to have one of those cloudy then rainy days 
working her magic, her usual way. 

Written 08/21/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com