My life is sort off on hold 
as I wait for events to unfold 
one of which as I wait to hear 
news of my Jeep which I fear 
will not be for a few weeks yet 
as the parts are hard to get 
and the damage that I created 
can only be abated 
by replacing parts I know not what 
as a mechanic I am not 
and rely on others to fix my car 
when it is running well below par 
presently it will not start 
crashing the car was my part 
backing with my own RV 
trying hard to miss a tree 
when a tight spot we had found 
and I had to turn around 
now I am paying for being so dumb 
and it has taken all of the fun 
out of this current trip we are on 
as we wait to move along 
and patience is not my strongest trait 
but I just have to learn to wait 
until the Jeep is fixed like new 
and maybe the RV too 
and we can put this all behind 
put it into the back of my mind 
making mistakes of things I should know 
like backing the RV with the Jeep in tow. 
Written 09/14/2022. Read my other poems at