Sandy and Mikey

I sat here thinking of my life
as the years go flying by
of time I have spent without a wife
years ago when the last said goodbye
I am a batchelor through and through
thirty years of living alone
I do not have the time to woo
nor the need of a woman in my home
I can manage my own life
cook and clean and household chores
and I can do without the strife
my own decisions to the fore
for company I have my dogs
who never ever get mad or sore
and love me for what I am
not perfect but this they ignore
they never get enough of my love
and I cherish what they give to me
but more than that like from above
we are each others destiny
they are my companions in this life
and so I take care of them
in return we have no strife
together until the very end
their lives are short as we all know
they do not live for very long
but then again I am old and mellow
as I too am ending my song
I plan to make the very most
of the time that we have left
and I hope that they go first
even though I will feel real sad
losing them will be the worst
my two little friends our lives entwined
sharing the passing of our time.

Written 10/02/2022 Read my other poems at