I was reading through some work that I know
was written a very long time ago
when I was at least fifteen years younger
and now I am much older and wiser
although wiser is a relative term
used by people to affirm
that they are smarter than the average bear
and that in their thoughts they really care
which may be true in their minds
the sum of our thoughts often find
that the things we often say
can be hurtful in many ways
in our beliefs and way of life
some of whom prefer to strife
while others look for a peacefull way
and let the others have their say
that is how it should be
otherwise it is tyranny
we should all try to get along
each one singing his own song
different than what your neighbor sings
he is his own person and can do his thing
as long as it does not interfere
in all of the things that we hold dear
for as individulas we have choices
or collectively raise our voices
there is no purpose to this poem
no hidden views or call for action
other than to lead a good life
trying to do it without any strife
respecting those who try the same
for life is so much more than a game
with the winner coming out on top
life should be shared and we should stop
competing to see who has the most
of material goods which are quickly lost
for when we die as we all do
what use the gains of a lifetime or two
for the only ones who will reap the rewards
are those left behind who can now afford
to start the cycle all over again
until in the end they end up the same.

Written 10/23/2022 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com