When I look back upon my life 
and the many things that I have done 
mostly on the better side 
but here and there a stupid one 
I would like to say that I am not dumb 
and have a brain that can think 
but now and then just for fun 
it goes to sleep in a wink 
and crazy things happen then 
resulting from my non thinking brain 
making poor decisions who knows when 
and my life is forever changed 
at the time that this happens again 
it was a good plan all the same 
but the end results in things gone wrong 
generally resulting in a claim  
that cost money, time and prolongs 
how long we stay in one place 
and I am the one that pays the price 
the end results in losing face 
waiting to see what is my choice 
is it something very profound 
or just as simple as pay the fee 
for whatever my misdeeds abound 
there is always a something else to see 
hoping that good sense will be found. 
as life is still a mystery 
as the world spins slowly around. 
Written 11/12/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com