Mikey on the left along with his buddy, Sandy.

 As we walk around the park looking at what we see 
admiring the view as we stroll from the people to their RV’s 
some of which are tiny and made for one or two 
others are so very big and can sleep quite a few 
to some their RV is their home to live in all the time 
staying in one place or moving on to them it is all just fine 
and others use them some of the time when the weather is good 
taking their family out on a trip to enjoy as a family should.

The RV life is not for all as a permanent home 
there is not much room and there are chores to do hard if you’re alone 
but living in a tiny space with another mate 
is a test of compatibility which will decide your married state 
for there is no place to go if disagreements do arise 
except the only thing to do is to take a walk outside 
until cooler heads and commonsense are properly applied 
and a family can once more live happily together inside 
We do not have that problem with me and the two little dogs 
for after all I am the man and technically the boss 
although if the truth be told they do have their say 
obviously not in words but they often show the way 
they rely on me all the time to look after them 
and I supply their physical needs and do not them condemn 
for any slips that they may have inside of the RV 
and any walks they get to take are all because of me 

We wander around walking slow depending on what Sandy wants 
as she is the leader of our group and definitely the boss 
one thing that I am glad is that she cannot speak 
otherwise, her voice would ring, and our ears would break 
especially when she wants to go someplace that’s not safe 
and I must yank on her leash her stubbornness to break 
but she holds no grudge and trots of to someplace new 
and Me and Mikey as we have learned carefully pursue. 

Those two little dogs are my only friends left to live with me 
my former wives of which there were three are just a memory 
of lives from long, long ago and now all in the past 
as life goes on and things change, and nothing ever lasts 
as I think back of the times long ago that slipped away 
and think of where we are now living every day 
just me and my two little dogs living it all alone 
in our RV just we three with me their chaperone. 

 Written 11/13/2022. Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com