Love is a word used without thought 
an expression of feeling often sought 
by people who for another they show 
strong emotions so the other will know 
that the person cares with all of their heart 
and are willing to share and be a part 
to stay together for the rest of their days 
and share their lives in wondrous ways. 

Then there are other uses for the word 
often by others to describe the verb 
when they say they love to dance 
or maybe on taking a chance 
on placing a bet or taking a dare 
or just describing how they fare 
when watching a game or eating a meal 
then love to them is how they feel 

Love can be a fickle thing 
sometimes nothing more than a fling 
here today whilst the interest is high 
gone tomorrow when another goes by 
that replaces the original thought 
and feeling that is sometimes sought 
to describe the emotion at that time 
which at that moment is so sublime. 

There are others who can truly say 
that they have loved in a permanent way 
and are still with the person they first adored 
or the love of an object or even more 
that the word used in a descriptive way 
fitted the part and is here to stay 
describing their feelings that will not change 
which will always be the same. 

Me, I am not of the loving kind 
at least not in a permanent bind 
and have married three women who I first loved 
I really thought were sent from above 
but things happened it was not to be 
and they are just a memory 
and love is gone and who is to blame 
as life goes on and is never the same. 

The one thing I can truly say 
there is a love that in its own way 
to me is stronger than man and wife 
the love of my pets who through my life 
have comforted me on many a sad day 
before each of them passed away 
to be replaced by more of their kind 
whose love for me is undefined. 

The word itself describes how we feel 
and sometimes those feelings are not real 
a verbal description on a different day 
could be used in a different way 
affection or feeling might even belong 
or even worship if the feeling is strong 
but in truth the word is misused 
As we all know, it is sadly abused. 

Long live True Love whatever it is. 
Written 11/14/2022. Read my other poems at