There is a lot to be said for this RV life 
even though it might cause some strife 
not usually with another who camps 
but things that go wrong in a circumstance 
RVs are notoriously weak 
and those that own them try to seek 
ways and means to make them work 
something that cannot be shirked 
for even if it is brand new 
often as not without a clue 
something will break and need repair 
or the drains will not work and with despair 
you rush outside and open the doors 
to find the valves and just like before 
you push and pull and hope that it works 
and the water flows in fits and jerks 
finally, it levels out  
flowing smoothly from the spout 
and then you look around to see 
just what else is not working free 
as one of the things with this RV life 
and one that causes a lot of strife 
is that things do not work for very long 
and maintenance helps the things be strong 
what do you expect when you drive the road 
shaking the RV with the load 
things move around and sometimes break 
or leave a mess in the wake 
but still even with all of this fuss  
for me RV living is a must 
as I enjoy the open road 
or park at new campsites which often show 
the reason why we like this life 
even though it has some strife 
just me and my two little dogs 
living our life and no ones the boss 
though I am the human with all of the clues 
between them they tell me just what to do 
and we live together without any strife 
the dogs and and me and the RV life. 

Written 12/04/2022. Read my other poems at