Another year has come and gone 
and still we are here to carry on 
with living this life that we have chose 
in an RV and driving the road 
staying in one place for a couple of weeks 
or longer if the campground fits
with maybe trails to walk the dogs 
for exercise though we do not jog 
as a slow pace is what we walk 
so, the dogs can smell and sometimes stalk 
whatever it is that they smell 
and for us all is well. 
Me I need to take these walks 
to stretch my legs and clear my thoughts 
and exercise to keep my health 
extend the years and add to the wealth 
of living for as many years 
not letting them interfere 
with doing what I want to do 
whatever that is as I have no clue 
and ponder about the latest thing 
that maybe Mother Naure will bring 
wind and weather, rain or snow 
who knows which way she will go 
in the end it matters not 
as we have little control over what is our lot. 

Written December 22, 2022. Read my other poems at