I was 20 years old in this picture, a very long time ago. What a handsome chap compared to now.

Today for me is a special day  
celebrated in my own quiet way 
just me and the dogs who help me share 
my closest friends who really care 
although to them no concept of time 
not knowing the thoughts going through my mind. 
The few friends that still remain 
send me greeting but kindly refrain 
from pointing out just how old I have aged 
but instead, they talk of an earlier page 
in this book of life that we all write 
each page turning in a flash of light. 

When we were all young and could run and jump 
and kick the ball with a mighty thump 
sending it flying miles down the field 
and running like hell with nerves of steel 
to tackle the man the ball to retrieve 
and score a goal for our team 

Gone are those days but the memories live on 
all that is left of that glorious song 
as we doddle around trying to be straight 
hoping to not fall as we walk at a pace 
not much faster than the average snail 
I hope to make it and to prevail. 

On the other hand I can still walk 
along with the dogs as we chalk 
up the steps counting each one 
walking for us is lots of fun 
trying to get two miles a day 
exercise for us which in its own way 
helps me to reach that unwritten goal 
another birthday to add to the fold. 

Today I am eighty seven years old 
with a mind that is young as life still unfolds 
with so many things to see and do 
and a memory that hasn’t much clue 
of names of people that we have just met 
and just as soon I quickly forget. 

But all of the important stuff 
like living my life which is enough 
to keep me active with my little dogs 
planning a trip and keeping the logs 
paying the bills and driving the RV 
a monster vehicle plain to see. 

How much longer to live this life 
until it turns into too much strife 
and I can no longer the person be 
to care for my doggy family 
or look after myself along the way 
or this life is no longer play 

Who knows what the future brings 
maybe a host of other nice things 
and that other birthdays will come 
to add to this present one 
of one thing I am pleased to say 
I have lived my life in my very own way. 

Written 01/19/2023 Read my other poems at https://ponblog2011.com